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Our process design is the act of transforming an organization’s vision, goals, and available resources into a discernible, measurable means of achieving the organization’s vision. By process analysis and great ideas coupled with the experience and insights of the process design team, we may confidence focus on defining what the organization will do to achieve its flexible and other goals.

1. Hello

At the time we say hello and setting up a great meeting day

2. Brief

This is the phase when we meet our clients. We are interested in knowing who is the person behind the project, brand or idea. We want to understand their real needs and hidden desires.

3. Research

Our clients know their project better than anyone, but it is our responsibility to take it further based on our professional experience. In this phase we analyze all the information and provide coaching on business strategy and brand creation.

4. Design

This is where we translate the concept and the strategy into images, objects or spaces, our favorite part.

5. Presentation

We present our proposal, and we receive client’s feedback. Once everything is authorized. We support our clients with external suppliers for production.

6. Closure

At this moment, we give each other a hug and say good byes, however, our doors are always open for further consultancies.

About us

ECH Creative Agency is a branding design agency in Danang, Vietnam. A part of ECH Creative. We partner with our clients to create brands that are meaningful, memorable and iconic. Services: Brand Creation, Brand Experience, Packaging Design. Explore our works at the link.