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#0 Brand Originality

  • Editorial Design
    Book Design

  • Location: Vietnam
    Year: 2021

  • For a lot of businesses out there, your branding feels like doing the same thing over and over again, hoping this time it turns out differently. We all know that being samey in business is just a recipe for disaster. But it’s such a struggling challenge to come up with what to do to become unique. We think the best place to start is by reading our latest book named Brand Originality.
    Brand Originality goes beyond branding strategy and, instead, demonstrates how to leverage brand image by being your authentic self. Brand Originality gets back to the heart of the branding mindset, using your passion to trigger the emotions that humans are driven by.
  • TOPICS: Branding & Design
    CONTENTS: The crucial mindset for creating the simplest and most compelling brands.
    FORMAT: Book & Magazine
    LANGUAGES: Vietnamese
    SIZE: 180 x 250 mm (softback) 120 pages
    PAPER: FSC®-certified products​​​​​​​

Welcome to check case study on our recent branding project. ECH Creative is a branding, packaging, graphic design agency located in DaNang, vietnam.

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ECH Creative is a global brand consultancy & design located in Danang City, Vietnam. We specialize in Branding, Internet Marketing, Editorial Design, Logo Design, Packaging, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development… Our mission is to offer customized solutions for your brand to exceed dreams and goals. Whatever your business need or budget, we’ll help get it done.

ECH Creative was originally founded in 2017 by me. Year by year, we have been constantly striving to improve our services and products. With a core goals and vision, we were born with the desire to bring the most unique creative solutions and designs, ensuring a balance between Commerciality and Applied Art.

We flexibly combine local and international understanding together with experience from our senior staff having worked in prestigious consultants firms.